Test result for suspected case of Covid-19 in keta municipal is negative – Godwin Edudzi Effah

The Keta Municipal Chief Executive, Godwin Edudzi Effah has reported that test result received from the Noguchi Memorial Institute on Monday morning, 6th April, 2020, is negative.

It was reported that some five persons who are fishermen at Abutiakope, returned from fishing with a man who works in a fishing vessel from Apam, to the Keta Municipal Hospital after he allegedly showed symptoms of Covid-19.

Covid-19 case result in keta is negative

Test result for suspected Covid-19 case in the Keta Municipality is negative – MCE

Posted by RayLiza Ghana on Monday, 6 April 2020

The announcement of the suspected case in the Keta Municipal, generated some tension.

Speaking to a keta based radio station, Jubilee Radio, Mr. Godwin effah says the suspect together with fishermen he had contact with will be released, however, the health officials shall continue monitoring them.

He added that the Keta Assembly is contemplating on putting barriers at some vantage points in the municipal.

Source: McRay Sogah | raylizaonline.com

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