I didn’t give any order for Jubilee Radio to be closed – Godwin Effah

The Municipal Chief Executive of Keta Municipality, Godwin Edudzi Effah has refuted allegation of ordering the closure of a keta based radio station, Jubilee radio.

In a circulated video on social media, some residents were seen gathered at the the radio station, demanding for the station to be reopened since it is their only source of information in the municipality.

This happened when the station on Friday morning (3rd April, 2020), reported that the Management of the Keta Municipal Assembly and the Municipal Covid-19 Rapid Response Team have left some five persons who had come in contact with a suspected Covid-19 patient to their fate to go back to the community which poses danger to other residents of the municipality.

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The MCE in a radio interview earlier at the radio station

According to the radio station, the five persons who are fishermen and believed to have brought a man currently being treated as a suspect of Covid-19 case at the Keta Municipal Hospital from sea where they went fishing were directed by the Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Godwin Edudzi Effah to converge at the forecourt of the Municipal Assembly Hall at 2 pm for further action after they were previously left to go to their houses.

According to the Keta Municipal Chief Executive, instead of the radio station trying to effectively inform the public and preach calm, they rather resulted in causing fear and panic in the municipality, hence the closure. However, he declined allegation of ordering the closure of the radio station.

“I have not given any order for the radio station to be closed. The regional minister has not asked me to close down any radio station and there is no intention of closing that radio station.” He said

Speaking in an interview with TV3, he says though the presenter of the morning show was invited personally by the District Commander who is the Chairman of the Covid-19 taskforce, to meet the municipal security committee to be well informed about how the case is managed so far, the presenter couldn’t turn up at the due time to receive adequate information.Custom HTML

“For us to be sure if the suspect is positive or not, blood samples were taken and sent to the Noguchi Memorial Institute to be tested for Covid-19 and we hope to receive a response tomorrow .” He said

Source: McRay Sogah | raylizaonline.com

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