Volta Teens Award – coming soon

The VOLTA TEENS AWARDS serve as a platform of excellence to highlight the many achievements made by young people in our community that are typically overlooked.
Whilst we are still faced with the reality of social vices, it is crucial that we continue to uplift and motivate our young people to excel in all that they do and publicly celebrate them whilst challenging stereotypes and negativity.

This Award aimed at highlighting the numerous successes
of our young people and their commitments to our
communities and the region as a whole.

We need to motivates and supports a diverse range of children, young people and continue to inspire those young people achieving great things despite the many barriers that may be placed in front of them.

There are so many inspiring stories out there. However, there is an abundance of unrecognized talent, leadership and excellence that lies throughout the younger generations and we take great pride in being able to highlight and promote that through the VOLTA TEENS AWARD as well as creating vibrant, positive role models to impact and influence future generations in the right way.

Who Is Eligible:

Any teen or youth between the AGES of 15 – 25, who is VOLTARIAN, lives in or outside the REGION and has demonstrated outstanding service to the community.

Only volunteer service will be considered (not necessarily academic achievements.)
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source: Ghana|raylizaonline.com

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