Today at the Newsstands : Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Chronicle

– Soldier shoots soldier for extorting money from illegal miners

– Ghana falls to 107 in order of world military

– President launches Nation Builders Corps in Kumasi

– Government has created nearly 2 million jobs

Crusading Guide

– Prize for speaking truth to homosexuality: Assailants attack council of state member

– Government will establish world-class labor force

– Public sector remuneration concerns to be advised


Ghanaian Times

-Government offers 100,000 jobs -Ghana marks May Day

-Minority raps govt over political appointees

The Finder

-Bold step to tackle joblessness -BoG assures public of strong banking sector

-Hatred of journalism threatens democracy


– Consumers lament cost of Burkinabe tomatoes

– The Free Trade Agreement in Ghana: positioned well to benefit?

– Give priority to local firms in new oil deals

Daily Heritage

-Muslims in NPP angry -Movie House not welcomed in Suhyen- Suhyenhemaa

-Single Spine to be reviewed – says Akufo-Addo

Daily Graphic

– President launches builder’s corps – It’ll engage 100,000 graduates

– IMF approves $191 million for Ghana under ECF programme

– Your pensions are safe – President assures workers

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