Top 10 Health Benefits for taking a daily stroll

  1. It’s low impact exercise – perfect if you are thinking of starting down the road to fitness again. Not too taxing on the body or joints if you need to ease slowly back into regular exercise.
  2. No specialist exercise equipment needed– just good comfortable supportive shoes, water bottler, your trusty stroller, bubs and anyone else that wants to tag along. Be prepared by dressing well for the weather conditions and keep your sun cover  or storm cover handy in the parcel tray so you don’t get caught out if the weather suddenly changes. Get all the family involved or make a buggy walking date with some friends. An opportunity to socialise, catch up and work out.
  3. It can be done anywhere – choose a path, and away you go. They say variety is the spice of life. Mix up your walking tracks if you are bored with the scenery, no need to walk the same circuit every time. Change it up and admire the new view, the lil passengers will probably appreciate it too.
  4. It’s cost effective – No Weekly Gym Fees or need to arrange child care as baby can come along for the ride. A daily stroll is FREE – woohoo!!
  5. It’s convenient and flexible, able to fit into the most hectic of schedules – busy mornings? Take a lunchtime stroll. Head out before/after the school pick up or in the early evening before dinner time or after work. Pick a time that suits you and your family, and you will never be able to use the excuse “I just don’t have the time” again. The aim is be active everyday for at least 30 mins. Even if it’s not the same time everyday or if you have to break it up into 10 minute bursts throughout the day, it will all add up. Oh yeah, it’s all good!
  6. Walking to the store instead of driving, will help you save on your fuel and grocery bill – it’s better for the environment and for you. If you live within a good practical walking distance to your local store or markets, leave the car behind when you need to pick up supplies for dinner. It’s a thrifty way to shop because you can only buy what you can carry in the parcel tray. No room for choc biscuits or extra goodies – just the essentials!
  7. It provides time out and a chance to clear the mind clutter – being outdoors and focussing on your surroundings can be a welcome distraction from the endless “to do” list type thoughts us parents are constantly thinking. Taking a daily stroll can become a nice way to take a break from the relentless daily chatter. You will start to look forward to heading out as it becomes more and more a part of your daily routine.
  8. It improves your sleep quality – studies suggest, burning off all that energy from your daily walk will make your sleep more restful and longer. Hmmm now if only our toddlers could read this!
  9. Stress relief –  walking daily is a healthy way to release endorphins which will boost your mood, make you feel good and help you de-stress. Yay!
  10. 10,000 steps a day will significantly improve your health – it’s good for the heart, helping maintain a healthy weight and keeping that bod toned. Having a goal to strive for will help keep you motivated and on track. By having a number of steps to aim for you will also be able to monitor your progress. It’s an easy incentive to keep adding steps to make up your daily count. Keep it simple and consistent and you will start to reap the health benefits in no time! Already hitting the 10k target? Add in some hills for resistance training to up the intensity or pick up the pace to work up a sweat.

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