Living Bread Missions celebrates 20th Anniversary

The Living Bread Missions Church and development activities are a dream-come-true. It is a response to God’s call and challenge to reach out to souls everywhere.

After 20 years of official operations we pause to say “thank you Jesus” for how far you have brought us. The dream came from a humble home, was born in a hard time in the life of the General Overseers and was hailed by only a few people at the start.

Today, the Living Bread Missions has branch churches in 6 of Ghana’s 10 regions and in the Republic of Togo. We can speak of 15 active branches operating at different levels of membership, but more of people who are saved directly from their sins. We have also labored on about 6 churches which have folded up due to challenging situations in Ghana and Togo respectively (2 in Togo, 2 in UE, Takoradi, Amasaman).

LBM’s operations have also been on the basis of cooperation with other Christian mission agencies, churches and international organizationssuch as Reaching the Unreached (Association of Community Churches), MANI, GHAFES, GEMA, SVM2 and many more. Such operations have taken our commitment to the unreached people groups in Ghana, Togo and Cote D’Ivoire.

As an indigenous missionary enterprise, we have undertaken other developmental projects in agriculture, education and community involvement. Our cross-cultural missionary training program (Pauline Institute for Bible & Missions) has been running for over 15 years – geared at raising disciples for the end-time harvest. Disciples from Switzerland and Kenya have been part of the alumni aside disciples from other denominations who are currently in active front-line and support ministries.

We have enjoyed the love and encouragement of many friends across the globe in these endeavors but our basic bulk funding is generated for ministry activities through local Church commitment. We are pleased to announce our 20th Anniversary Celebrations in 2017.

The 20th Anniversary Celebration is scheduled for 9th -13th August 2017. The main durbar is 12th August at 9am.


The Annual Missions Convention is dedicated to creating Missions Awareness and ways of Finishing the Unfinished Task of Matt 28:18-20.

Our Goal for this Anniversary is to say THANK YOU JESUS for all that you have done for us as an indigenous missionary organization.

Speakers: Rev. Dr. Raymond sogah will be our main speaker along with Rev Dr. Joyce Aryee. On the day of the Durbar, we have invited Apostle Prof Opoku Onyinah as the Guest Speaker and also involved in the Ordination of Ministers.

If there is any other issues, please ask and I will explain. I have copied LBM’s Administrator on the letter here.

Sampson + Janet Dorkunor

General Overseer: Living Bread Missions Churches
MANI Coordinator: West African Region 1

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